CAD Service

PLP Chartered Surveyors & Property Consultants deliver fast, cost effective plans and 3D modelling for any home business.

If you’re planning anything from a house extension through to a whole new factory floor, our computer aided design (CAD) technicians can bring your ideas to life.

How we do it?

Our PLP building surveyors will take your idea and create a visual representation showing how your idea will look. Having a visual representation will help everyone associated with your project see exactly what you want. From this point they can work with the plans to produce your vision.

Services & Pricing

PLP has two payment schedules; one for on-site work and the other for offsite. We charge by the hour, so you can have as much or as little of our time as you want. Plus there are no hidden charges or fees.

On-site Service

PLP building surveyors will visit your location and help to bring your ideas to life, giving you the opportunity to guide and direct the design exactly as you want it. We can also assist with measuring and site surveys to increase the accuracy of the plan.

Off-site Services

All off-site work takes place at the PLP offices where we work from noted or existing plans. Before we commence any work we will send you an initial estimate. Once agreed, we will carry out the work and send you a draft, from there you can approve the plan or tell us what else you need.