Property Dilapidation Surveys in Bristol, Cardiff, Swindon & Cheltenham

Dilapidations is a property related term which literally means ‘a falling into decay’.

The majority of leases place obligations on tenants to keep a property in a certain condition, dilapidations refers to deterioration in the condition of a property which falls below the level required by the lease.

A dilapidations survey is a list of repairs that are necessary to bring a propety into good condition to comply with the terms of a lease. PLP can prepare a schedule either during the course of a tenancy or in most circumstances, at the end of a tenancy at the request of either the landloard or the tenant. The dilapidations survey is served on the other party, ensuring that repairs are agreed before any work is undertaken and avoiding any expensive disputes.

A schedule of condition provides a written statement of condition, generally accompanied by photographs, assessing the state of the property at the commencement of a lease which can be used for reference at the end of the term. Where a PLP survey identifies defects, this alerts the landlord to any repairs necessary to protect their investment and any incoming tenant will be protected against any future claims.

PLP are specialists in both Dilapidations and Schedule’s of Condition, we provide advice and interpretation of lease repairing covenants, and we prepare and negotiate dilapidation schedules on behalf of landlords and tenants.