Property Surveyors in Bristol, Cardiff, Swindon & Cheltenham

Surveys are a vital tool in establishing the structural state and condition of a property. They provide essential information to owners, investors and property stakeholders on which investment; risk; pricing and development decisions are made.

The majority of surveys are undertaken before a property is purchased or sold. Surveys should be undertaken prior to contract negotiations, as any defects or issues can be identified, allowing potential investors and stakeholders to make informed decisions. Often a survey is used in purchase negotiations, as buyers use this knowledge to account for the cost of rectifying defects within their offer.

PLP undertake an extensive range of surveys which meet specific client’s needs. All PLP surveys are carried out by RICS qualified members:

  • Full building survey
  • New RICS Homebuyers reports (traffic lights report)
  • Bespoke PLP home survey report
  • Site inspection and planned maintenance
  • Subsidence and investigation and remedial works
  • Design for planning and regulation
  • Damp and timber surveys, audits and reports
  • Schedule of condition
  • Defect investigation and analysis
  • Insurance: Fire, Flood, etc
  • Main element survey