A valuation is an assessment of the financial value of a property, plot of land or development, in the current market.

Valuations are undertaken for a variety of purposes and it is important that the purpose is fully understood, as in many cases the value will be different depending on the purpose of the valuation. For example a building insurance valuation would be based on the cost of rebuilding or replacing the structure, where in contrast a mortgage or loan security valuation would be concerned with the current market value of the property, as the financial institution is obligated to ensure that the property value exceeds the loan amount.

PLP provide both industry standard and tailored valuation services, these include:

  • Bank & Building Society secured lending valuation reports
  • Independent home buyers survey and valuation reports
  • Reinstatement valuations for insurance purposes
  • Private valuations
  • Matrimonial / partner dispute valuations
  • Court of protection valuations
  • Accountancy / commercial valuations
  • Rent review assessments